Differences Between Medical and Recreational Prices in Colorado

September 23, 2020 Posted by optionsco
Differences Between Medical and Recreational Prices in Colorado

Recreational marijuana is legal here in Colorado, leading many people to wonder if there’s any benefit to medical marijuana. Marijuana prices are one of the most significant differences between medical and recreational marijuana products. Some people also believe that medical marijuana patients have access to better products, but that isn’t necessarily the case. The truth is that both medical and recreational marijuana are held to the same rigorous standards for quality.

Even so, there are some slight differences in the products available to medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana customers. The primary difference is that some select medical marijuana products may offer higher cannabinoid concentration levels than you can get from recreational marijuana. Even so, the primary difference is still related to price. If you’re considering the benefits of medical marijuana versus recreational marijuana, the most crucial consideration will probably come down to cost.

Marijuana Prices for Medical Marijuana Vs. Recreational Marijuana

The price of marijuana is the most significant reason so many people choose medical marijuana over recreational marijuana in Colorado. The difference in costs all comes down to tax rates. Here in Colorado, medical marijuana is subjected to the state sales tax of 2.9%. Recreational or retail marijuana, on the other hand, is subject to a 15% sales tax in addition to a 15% excise tax. Since medical marijuana is exempt from these higher tax rates, it ends up being much less expensive.

It’s important for people to keep in mind that there are some costs associated with getting and retaining a medical marijuana card. In other words, the decreased taxes may not necessarily be worth it for someone who only buys a very small amount of marijuana. For people who buy large amounts of cannabis, though, getting certified as a medical marijuana patient may help them save a lot of money.

Other than the taxes, there aren’t very many differences in marijuana prices. Medical products and recreational products generally cost about the same before taxes are applied. It’s only when an order gets rung up, and the taxes are applied that people start to notice big differences in marijuana costs between medical and recreational products. It’s also important to keep in mind that local taxes may vary throughout the state.

Other Differences Between Recreational Marijuana and Medical Marijuana

The other important thing to consider is that there may be slight differences between some medical marijuana products and their counterparts in recreational cannabis dispensaries. For one thing, medical patients often have high standards as far as what they’re looking for in products. This is most visible in the selection of products that have both CBD and THC. Medical marijuana dispensaries typically offer a wider selection of different products with ratios of both of these two main cannabinoids. 

The other big difference between products is that you may find more concentrated products in medical marijuana dispensaries. For example, recreational dispensaries in Colorado only sell edibles that contain 100mg of THC or less. Medical dispensaries in Colorado, on the other hand, often sell edibles that contain much more THC. The rules governing these types of products are designed to ensure that medical marijuana patients can get high enough THC concentrations to address their specific medical conditions.

Legislators in Colorado don’t necessarily want recreational marijuana customers to have access to such high levels of THC. That’s why these products are only available for medical marijuana patients. If you want to have access to edibles with very high THC levels, you’ll need to qualify for the medical marijuana program. To do so, you’ll have to visit a licensed physician to be approved for medical cannabis. 

Another big difference is that you must be at least 21 years of age to buy recreational marijuana. If you qualify for medical marijuana, you may make purchases even if you’re not 21 years old yet. Patients who are at least 18 years old can qualify for medical marijuana in Colorado. Additionally, younger patients may be able to qualify as long as they have parental consent and two physicians’ support.

In addition to the things listed above, medical marijuana patients do have some additional rights regarding the following:

  • Medical patients who wish to grow their cannabis can have more plants than recreational cannabis consumers. If you’re not able to grow as many plants as you’d like under the recreational marijuana program, medical marijuana may offer a solution.
  • Purchasing limits are higher for medical marijuana patients than they are for recreational marijuana customers. Medical patients will have a paper trail that tracks their purchases, though, since they must sign in with their medical marijuana card before shopping.

How to Know When the Price of Marijuana is a Good Deal

No matter whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or a recreational marijuana customer, it’s important to know when you’re getting the best deal on cannabis. Even relatively small price differences can start to add up a lot over time. 

With that said, the cheapest marijuana in Colorado isn’t always the best deal. Consider things like the quality of your product and the cannabinoid levels in addition to the overall price. Some dispensaries offer very low prices, but they don’t sell the best cannabis products. 

At Options Medical Center, we offer one of the best combinations of price and quality in the state for our flower.

Best Marijuana Prices in Colorado

Here at Options Medical Center, we offer both medical and recreational marijuana at our dispensary in Wheat Ridge. Our dispensary in Boulder only offers recreational marijuana at this time. 

Regardless of which menu you’re shopping from, you can count on finding premium cannabis products at fair, affordable prices. We’re able to ensure this because we work with the best growers, cannabis product producers, and vendors in Colorado. Check our dispensary menus today to find the products that appeal to you.

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