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We offer a wide variety of flower strains, grown locally and carefully tended for their performance, functional profiles and great value. Sativas. Indicas. Hybrids. Our strains are something to behold. If you have questions, stop in and talk with one of our friendly budtenders to get you set up with exactly what you seek.

Sativa Cannabis Strain


Since Sativa strains are known to lead to bursts of energy for some people, they’re most commonly considered to be good daytime cannabis. The experience is different for everyone since the effects depend partially on your unique brain chemistry. That said, many people report feeling creative and inspired after consuming sativas. This cerebral sense of enhanced curiosity is referred to as a “head high.” If you’re interested in having some cannabis and going for a great walk, sativas may be the right place to start.

Frosty Marijuana Plant


Since most people feel extremely mellow (or even sleepy) after smoking Indica strains. This is why indica is known as the “calming” cannabis choice. Most customers and medical patients like to enjoy indicas before settling in with some snacks and their favorite movie. People often report that a deep sense of calm washes over both their body and mind after smoking these kinds of strains. Consuming larger amounts of indicas may lead to a night of deep sleep, even if you didn’t feel tired before.

Hybrid Cannabis Plant


If Indicas make you too sleepy, and Sativas make you feel overstimulated, hybrid strains may be the middle ground. Hybrids may lead to effects that lean more toward the indica side or the sativa side, or they may be extremely well balanced. Some of our customers and patients say hybrids help them feel like they’re in an elevated state, but their feet are still firmly on the ground.

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