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Cannabis Topicals

The profound benefits THC and CBD have on the body are starting to be well documented. Cannabis topicals–from lotions and creams to patches–are rapidly growing areas of the industry, and ideal for people who want to target their cannabis experience for localized relief to a specific part of the body.

Mary Janes Cannabis Infused Salve

Relief is here.

Topicals are a wonderful way for consumers to get relief without the psychoactive experience of THC. Lotions and creams are greatly beneficial for areas needing localized relief. Escape Artist lotion and Nordic Goddess salve are two options that can be applied to a specific area such as a sore muscle from running or arthritic pain. Within ten minutes, topicals will begin to provide their desired effect, which can last for about 3 hours before reapplication. Topicals work using nano extraction technology which are rapidly absorbed through the skin to deliver cannabinoids to the bloodstream, offering physical therapeutic relief almost instantly.

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