THC Edibles

While there is nothing wrong with smoking, plenty of people enjoy partaking in tasty edibles for the discrete consumption and sustained effect these products offer. From gummies and chocolates to ready-to-drink beverages, we’ve got the goods when you are ready to get your snack on.

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Open wide and say Ahhhh.

With rapid advancements in the industry, there are countless choices when it comes to edibles. Some people prefer a sugar-based edible such as gummies while others enjoy a fat-based edible such as milk chocolate. At Options Cannabis, we offer a variety of delicious choices. Wana gummies are a popular Boulder staple and Coda Signature chocolate is an award-winning brand. Beverages are also available which tend to be faster-acting due to the way liquid absorbs in the body. And so many options mean experimenting is half the fun. To maximize the effect of a Keef Cola Root Beer, for example, we suggest grabbing some vanilla ice cream and making a root beer float. 

When consuming edibles, it is important to remember that they can take anywhere from fifteen to ninety minus before you may feel the effect. It’s best to try a 10 mg serving first and allow the reaction to take effect before considering a second serving. While the THC serving per edible is limited by law to 10mg per serving or 100mg per product package, the effect can differ slightly based on which type is consumed. Sugar-based edibles tend to be weaker in comparison to fat-based edibles due to the way THC bonds to fats within the body. To maximize an edible high, it is recommended to have some fatty food first to help aid absorption.

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CBD edibles are another popular choice for those that want the benefits of CBD without getting the psychoactive high from THC. Tinctures are one of the most common CBD edibles, offering quick absorption sublingually through a dropper placed under the tongue. Many brands offer high CBD in addition to their THC edible lines, including favorites such as Tastebudz gummies, Sum mints, and Iovia tinctures. Our budtenders are highly knowledgeable and can offer guidance on which edible is the right choice for each customer based on their individual needs.

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