Weed Concentrates

Shatter. Wax. Live resin and rosin. Sap. Cannabis concentrates are refined extracts made from cannabis plant material that, as the name implies, deliver a concentrated amount of THC. The terpene profile of each of our concentrates provides unique flavor, aroma and effect. While we do carry some third-party products, most of the concentrates you’ll find on our shelves have been processed by our partners such as CSC, Nomad and Green Dot. As the saying goes: If you want something done right, then grow it yourself. So we have our very own flower processed by some of the top brands in the industry to guarantee our customers get the very best product.

Award-winning options

With the help of our processing partners, we’re fortunate to grow and produce award-winning concentrates in the Colorado cannabis industry. We’ve won awards with the THC Classic Showdown multiple years running for our live resin, wax and shatter. And with Nomad’s help and Option’s flower, we took home the first place trophy for flash frozen live resin in 2021.

For people unfamiliar with concentrates, deciding which type to try may seem like a daunting task. By creating crystals and sauce from flash-frozen product during processing, live resin is one of the higher-end concentrates available in the industry. The process preserves the terpenes and packs a flavorful punch every time. Wax and shatter are two other popular varieties, processed using a solvent. The key difference between wax and shatter is that wax has been whipped to create a soft, buttery consistency whereas shatter is a thin sheet that “shatters” into smaller pieces to use for dabbing.

Avid dabbers may prefer a high-quality solventless concentrate. We also carry a limited variety of third-party processed live rosin and bubble hash from The Flower Collective for the concentrate connoisseur. Bubble hash is a great concentrate to smoke when using limited cannabis accessories because it can be rolled into a pre-roll alongside flower or used as a bowl-topper to enhance THC.

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