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Options Cannabis Co. is your supplier for premium-grade cannabis. Whether you live in Boulder or Wheatridge, you will find a diverse selection of products at the best value that you can find anywhere. Options Cannabis Co. is your neighborhood joint for cannabis, offering everything from our locally grown flower to concentrates, to edibles, and more. Keep reading to learn more about what you will find in our Colorado stores!


At Options Cannabis Co. we recognize that you can’t beat homegrown. That’s why all of our locations, both recreational and medical, offer an extensive menu of handcrafted, locally grown cannabis strains. “Flower” refers to the smokeable, part of a cannabis plant enriched by trichomes. Highly versatile, Flower can be smoked using a pipe, bowl, or bong. You can also roll it into a joint or blunt.


We call ourselves your neighborhood joint for nothing! Our premium, artisanal Indiva, Sativa, and Hybrid flower blends are available as pre-rolled joints! Pre-rolls are a smokable form of cannabis and consist of weed, paper, and a filter, or “crutch. Check out these classic and convenient options available at all of our stores.


Edibles are a smoke-free way to reap the benefits of cannabis. An “Edible” refers to foods, liquids, candies, and beverages infused with cannabis. We boast a diverse array of products that are THC or CBD based, and even have unique blends. From tinctures, gummies, THC drinks, cannabis-infused chocolate bars, lozenges, and more, we proudly carry a top-of-the-line selection of these increasingly popular smokeless options.


If you are looking for one of the newest, most powerful forms of cannabis, Options Cannabis Co. carries a refined selection of concentrates. What is a concentrate? A cannabis concentrate is a distilled substance that contains potent levels of the most desirable parts of the plant. These products contain all of the cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis flower without the excess plant material. Concentrates are unmatched in their potency and available in several forms. Options Cannabis Co. offers every kind of concentrate you could want from wax, budder, rosins, oils, shatters, and more. Most concentrates are compatible with a variety of consumption methods, though most concentrate aficionados prefer to use a dab rig for its effectiveness.


If you are looking for targeted relief, check out our selection of topicals.  Cannabis topicals are a range of marijuana-based products applied externally, rather than ingested. Ranging from a cream to a salve to a salt, topicals are available in many forms. With a topical, the cannabinoid is applied externally and will not enter the bloodstream. This makes cannabis topicals an ideal product for those looking to reap the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. Options Cannabis Co. carries topicals that with CBD, THC, and blended bases, available as creams, body butters, bath bombs, salves, and more.


One of the most popular and convenient ways to consume cannabis is through a vape, and don’t worry, Options Cannabis Co. has you covered. We have everything you will need for your vape. Check out our reliable vape mods, batteries, and kits. Of course, we carry the highest quality cannabis ready to go in vape carts or cartridges.

Experience the Highest Quality Cannabis at Your Premier Dispensary
in Boulder or Wheatridge, CO

Options Cannabis Co is your trusted source for premium cannabis across Colorado, As your neighborhood joint, we proudly offer a diverse selection of cannabis products catered to both recreational and medical clients. From our artisanal, locally sourced flower, to our ready-to-go vape cartridges, we have the cannabis products you love. Our friendly, knowledgeable budtenders are available to answer all of your budding questions. Contact us today, pre-order from our inventory online, or stop by one of our locations in Boulder or Wheatridge to experience the quality and service of Colorado’s premier homegrown dispensary, Options Cannabis Co.

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Legal Disclaimer


Welcome to Options Cannabis Co.! We're thrilled to serve you in Colorado, where cannabis consumption is legal at the state level for adults aged 21 and over; however, local regulations may vary. Cities, counties, schools, universities, and employers may have their own rules and consequences regarding cannabis use. Familiarize yourself with the specific laws in your area before making any purchases or consuming cannabis products. Check how marijuana laws differ in each county before you partake.

Medical Disclaimer

At Options Cannabis Co., we prioritize the well-being of our customers. It's important to note that the information provided on our website is intended solely for educational purposes and cannot substitute for professional medical advice. We advise users to seek medical advice, diagnoses, and treatments from a qualified medical professional regarding any health concerns or questions about cannabis use.

Risk Disclaimer

The use of cannabis, like any substance, carries potential risks. These risks may include impaired coordination, cognitive effects, and altered perception, which could affect your ability to drive or operate machinery safely. Additionally, cannabis use may have adverse effects on individuals with certain medical conditions or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We advise all customers to exercise caution and moderation when consuming cannabis products and to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have underlying health concerns or are taking medications that may interact with cannabis.