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Pre-rolled joints are tightly packed, slow burning pleasure sticks that are ready when you are. We offer a variety of in-house indica or sativa pre-rolled joints as well as third-party caviar joints that are made with kief and distillate oil to enhance their efficacy. 

Infused Preroll with Smoke

Blended strains in a stick

Options Cannabis CO. provides pre-roll blends made from our high-quality trim. A sativa blend pre-roll, for example, is a variety of different sativa strains blended together from our very own grow and rolled up into a joint. They are the perfect companion for day-time adventure while our indica blend pre-rolls are more suitable for winding down before bed. Our blends are constantly rotating, ensuring only the freshest quality products for our customers. Due to consistent rotation, not all of our strains are always available in pre-roll form. So check with our budtenders at either our Wheat Ridge Store or our Boulder Store to confirm what we have in stock.

Escape Artist Relief Cream 80MG CBD 40MGTHC

Cannabis Topicals

The profound benefits THC and CBD have on the body are starting to be well documented. Cannabis topicals–from lotions and creams to patches–are rapidly growing areas of the industry, and ideal for people who want to target their cannabis experience for localized relief to a specific part of the body.

Mary Janes Cannabis Infused Salve

Relief is here.

Topicals are a wonderful way for consumers to get relief without the psychoactive experience of THC. Lotions and creams are greatly beneficial for areas needing localized relief. Escape Artist lotion and Nordic Goddess salve are two options that can be applied to a specific area such as a sore muscle from running or arthritic pain. Within ten minutes, topicals will begin to provide their desired effect, which can last for about 3 hours before reapplication. Topicals work using nano extraction technology which are rapidly absorbed through the skin to deliver cannabinoids to the bloodstream, offering physical therapeutic relief almost instantly.

THC Edibles

While there is nothing wrong with smoking, plenty of people enjoy partaking in tasty edibles for the discrete consumption and sustained effect these products offer. From gummies and chocolates to ready-to-drink beverages, we’ve got the goods when you are ready to get your snack on.

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Open wide and say Ahhhh.

With rapid advancements in the industry, there are countless choices when it comes to edibles. Some people prefer a sugar-based edible such as gummies while others enjoy a fat-based edible such as milk chocolate. At Options Cannabis, we offer a variety of delicious choices. Wana gummies are a popular Boulder staple and Coda Signature chocolate is an award-winning brand. Beverages are also available which tend to be faster-acting due to the way liquid absorbs in the body. And so many options mean experimenting is half the fun. To maximize the effect of a Keef Cola Root Beer, for example, we suggest grabbing some vanilla ice cream and making a root beer float. 

When consuming edibles, it is important to remember that they can take anywhere from fifteen to ninety minus before you may feel the effect. It’s best to try a 10 mg serving first and allow the reaction to take effect before considering a second serving. While the THC serving per edible is limited by law to 10mg per serving or 100mg per product package, the effect can differ slightly based on which type is consumed. Sugar-based edibles tend to be weaker in comparison to fat-based edibles due to the way THC bonds to fats within the body. To maximize an edible high, it is recommended to have some fatty food first to help aid absorption.

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CBD edibles are another popular choice for those that want the benefits of CBD without getting the psychoactive high from THC. Tinctures are one of the most common CBD edibles, offering quick absorption sublingually through a dropper placed under the tongue. Many brands offer high CBD in addition to their THC edible lines, including favorites such as Tastebudz gummies, Sum mints, and Iovia tinctures. Our budtenders are highly knowledgeable and can offer guidance on which edible is the right choice for each customer based on their individual needs.

Marijuana vapes

Most cartridges are made from distillate oil, which removes terpenes during the process, leaving just the THC. So, terpenes are re-added to the distillate oil to make each product strain-specific so that users get their desired effect every time.

Vape pens offer an opportunity to try concentrates in an easy and discrete form, creating minimal smoke and smell. So, they are a great introduction into extracts for those who don’t want to invest in expensive accessories or are unsure of their tolerance levels. All you need is a battery and you can even get a disposable one that comes pre-attached to the cartridge.

Variety is the spice of life.

We offer a variety of products and brands, including our very own Potions collection which is made directly from flower we’ve grown and processed ourselves. By reintroducing terpenes to the distillate oil after extraction, we create the perfect blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, so each Potion in the collection delivers specific quality effects every time. We also carry brands such as AiroPro, Binske, Batch, O.Pen and Budfox. Whether you’re looking for a Disposable vape pen or a 2g Cartridge, we have the “Options” you’re looking for!

No matter what kind of Vape you’re looking for we have you covered! We also sell 510 threaded universal batteries and many other smoking accessories so you can make us your one stop shop.

Weed Concentrates

Shatter. Wax. Live resin and rosin. Sap. Cannabis concentrates are refined extracts made from cannabis plant material that, as the name implies, deliver a concentrated amount of THC. The terpene profile of each of our concentrates provides unique flavor, aroma and effect. While we do carry some third-party products, most of the concentrates you’ll find on our shelves have been processed by our partners such as CSC, Nomad and Green Dot. As the saying goes: If you want something done right, then grow it yourself. So we have our very own flower processed by some of the top brands in the industry to guarantee our customers get the very best product.

Award-winning options

With the help of our processing partners, we’re fortunate to grow and produce award-winning concentrates in the Colorado cannabis industry. We’ve won awards with the THC Classic Showdown multiple years running for our live resin, wax and shatter. And with Nomad’s help and Option’s flower, we took home the first place trophy for flash frozen live resin in 2021.

For people unfamiliar with concentrates, deciding which type to try may seem like a daunting task. By creating crystals and sauce from flash-frozen product during processing, live resin is one of the higher-end concentrates available in the industry. The process preserves the terpenes and packs a flavorful punch every time. Wax and shatter are two other popular varieties, processed using a solvent. The key difference between wax and shatter is that wax has been whipped to create a soft, buttery consistency whereas shatter is a thin sheet that “shatters” into smaller pieces to use for dabbing.

Avid dabbers may prefer a high-quality solventless concentrate. We also carry a limited variety of third-party processed live rosin and bubble hash from The Flower Collective for the concentrate connoisseur. Bubble hash is a great concentrate to smoke when using limited cannabis accessories because it can be rolled into a pre-roll alongside flower or used as a bowl-topper to enhance THC.

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We offer a wide variety of flower strains, grown locally and carefully tended for their performance, functional profiles and great value. Sativas. Indicas. Hybrids. Our strains are something to behold. If you have questions, stop in and talk with one of our friendly budtenders to get you set up with exactly what you seek.

Sativa Cannabis Strain


Since Sativa strains are known to lead to bursts of energy for some people, they’re most commonly considered to be good daytime cannabis. The experience is different for everyone since the effects depend partially on your unique brain chemistry. That said, many people report feeling creative and inspired after consuming sativas. This cerebral sense of enhanced curiosity is referred to as a “head high.” If you’re interested in having some cannabis and going for a great walk, sativas may be the right place to start.

Frosty Marijuana Plant


Since most people feel extremely mellow (or even sleepy) after smoking Indica strains. This is why indica is known as the “calming” cannabis choice. Most customers and medical patients like to enjoy indicas before settling in with some snacks and their favorite movie. People often report that a deep sense of calm washes over both their body and mind after smoking these kinds of strains. Consuming larger amounts of indicas may lead to a night of deep sleep, even if you didn’t feel tired before.

Hybrid Cannabis Plant


If Indicas make you too sleepy, and Sativas make you feel overstimulated, hybrid strains may be the middle ground. Hybrids may lead to effects that lean more toward the indica side or the sativa side, or they may be extremely well balanced. Some of our customers and patients say hybrids help them feel like they’re in an elevated state, but their feet are still firmly on the ground.

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