Indigo Pro Vape Cartridges

April 16, 2018 Posted by optionsco

Indigo Pro Vape Cartridges In Wheat Ridge

One of our newer products here at Options Medical Center that has become increasingly popular in the short time since we started carrying it is the Indigo Pro Vape line of concentrate cartridges. The high-quality co2 extracted hash oil inside the cartridges uses only the finest compounds as well as food-grade terpenes to produce an amazing vape experience for the end-user.

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What makes Indigo Pro Vapes different?

Indigo Pro uses craft cannabis from The Farm in Boulder, keeping the production process local! As a company, they strive to be on the cutting edge of technology, and that philosophy allows them to bring a very user-friendly device to the consumer. Their cartridges have magnetic bases, so gunked up threads and screwing on your cartridge are a thing of the past. They also use a ceramic atomizer which allows for the true flavor of the oil to come through beautifully. The Indigo Pro cartridges are designed to be exclusively used with their pen, which has its unique features. It discretely vibrates as you draw a hit of vapor, so you know it is functioning, has passed through abilities(which means you can use it while charging so you are never without your pen), and a durable Lithium-ion battery which allows for enough power to last for even the heaviest users. Indigo pro has options in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and even CBD strains to satisfy a wide variety of needs. All in all Indigo Pro provides high-quality oils packaged in a unique and innovative magnetic cartridge combined with a unique Pen that both our patients and recreational customers are raving about!

Where To Get Indigo Vape Cartridges

Options Medical Center is a full service medical and recreational dispensary located near Denver Colorado in Wheat Ridge. We carry a wide variety of cannabis products for the MMJ patient as well as the recreational customer. We also service the Lakewood and Edgewater areas of Denver. Don't forget to check out our menu, and see us in Wheat Ridge for all your Cannabis needs! We also use one of the most advanced and unique growing systems in Colorado, allowing us to yield 4x more per square foot than traditional methods. We like to show off our grow, so please take a moment to check out the pictures. Take a moment to browse our daily deals and if you have any questions about Indigo Pro cartridges or any of our other cannabis products, don't hesitate to contact us at (720) 242-9452.

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