How Temperature Can Customize Your Cannabis Experience

June 22, 2018 Posted by Options Cannabis Company

One of the overlooked advantages of vaping recreational cannabis rather than smoking is the ability to change your “high” based on the amount of heat applied. If you’ve never made any adjustments to your vaporizer’s temperature setting, it’s time for you to start experimenting and finding the sweet spot for the effects you desire. Vaping temperature control is easy once you understand the basic principles behind it.

How It Works

Cannabis contains over 400 unique compounds including cannabinoids (responsible for the medical and euphoric effects) and terpenes (providing unique flavors and potentially providing unique effects. Each of these compounds has a unique boiling point. When the proper temperature is applied, these chemicals sublimate into a gas and can be inhaled, while the inert carbon in the plant does not combust into tar or harmful carcinogens. The specific compounds that are inhaled will affect each person differently.

Vaping Cannabis At Low Temperatures

Low temps between 310 and 330 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended for those who want an emotional pick-me-up while remaining focused, productive and relaxed. You’ll get a good dose of THC, but not an overpowering dose and the low temp terpenes will contribute to a smooth experience.

Vaping At Moderate Temperatures

As heat is increased to the 330 to 370-degree range, more THC is expressed, and you can expect more euphoria, elevated mood, and enhanced sensory awareness. Music will sound sweeter, food will be more satisfying, and you’ll enjoy relaxed activities such as reading, gaming or socializing (this temperature range is ideal for feeling “high” while remaining social.)

Note: A nice bonus to vaping at low to moderate temperatures is that most of the THCA decarboxylate into THC even though it’s not converted into a gas. That means the browned, leftover cannabis is perfectly toasted and ready to be consumed as an edible! Simply sprinkle into your favorite snack when you’re ready for a more intense edible experience.

Marijuana Vaping At High Temperatures

Somewhere between 370 and 430 degrees is where you can expect the most intense effects of your cannabis. Whatever the “normal” effects of your cannabis are, you can expect them to be exaggerated here. Indicas or indica heavy hybrids will give you a full body “stoned” feeling. Sativas will push you to energy levels that seem boundless. And the release of THCA at this temperature will CURB your appetite rather than stimulating it.

Temperatures higher than 430 degrees Fahrenheit are just not efficient and you risk combusting your cannabis - Bitter, harsh smoke is produced and you lose all of the benefits of vaping.

It’s important to remember that vaping temperature control has limitations based on the strain of cannabis you’re using. A sativa will always have stronger energizing effects than an indica regardless of temperature as an indica will always be more sedating. Think of temperature as controlling the intensity of the effects rather than the effects themselves. If you don’t like heavy metal, cranking up the volume on that Metallica song won’t make you enjoy it anymore. You need to begin with music you enjoy before finding the intensity where you enjoy it the most.

Temperature control is more about individual preference than an exact science, but these guidelines should provide you with a foundation to begin experimenting on finding your own sweet spot. If you’re still looking for the “perfect high” with temperature, come in to Options Medical Center and let our staff help you find the strain you’ll prefer and the temperature range you’ll be most comfortable with. Our daily deals give you plenty of opportunity to try something new without beating up your wallet. You can get batteries for 20% off on Tuesdays and vape cartridges 20% off on Wednesdays!

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