Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

December 27, 2018 Posted by Options Cannabis Company
Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

As recreational and medical marijuana becomes available to more Americans, many aficionados appreciate the benefits of new consumption methods like concentrated products. What is concentrated cannabis? This form of marijuana goes through an extraction process that results in at least 60 percent THC and with newer methods can even get into the upper 90 percentile range of THC along with high levels of other cannabinoids. Concentrates offer the discretion of minimal odor, mitigate the effects of inhaling smoke into the lungs and allow you to fine-tune the strain and dose. Consumers can choose from a diverse array of concentrate types, distinguished by their consistency, extraction method and the part of the plant used.


Named after its thin and transparent consistency, shatter also has a reputation as the purest form of concentrated cannabis. The most effective way to consume shatter is with a dab rig, in which the concentrate is placed on a nail that heats up to more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The resulting vapor can be inhaled through a bong-like apparatus.


This concentrate has a soft, opaque consistency that resembles wax (hence the name). Heat and moisture affect the final product's texture. Harder wax is often called crumble, while the softer wax is called "budder." Budder is typically the most potent of all cannabis concentrates, possessing 99 percent purity and up to 90 percent THC content.

Wax can be consumed using either a portable vaporizer with enough heat to melt the wax or with a dab rig. This form of concentrated cannabis is quite potent, so it's important to start slow when you first try wax. You'll also need the proper tools on hand because working with wax can be messy depending on its consistency.

Live Rosin

This organic cannabis concentrate is made using a specialized extraction process that does not require a solvent. The combination of pressure and heat results in a shatter-like product without added butane oil. In fact, the effects of live rosin are just as potent and nearly indistinguishable from those of other concentrates.

Oil Cartridges

If you're a beginner looking for a user-friendly way to consume cannabis concentrates or just looking for a discrete way to consume your product, consider oil cartridges. These concentrated oils are packaged in a small glass container that attaches to a vape pen battery. Just heat the oil and inhale for a discreet yet potent experience without the equipment and mess required when dabbing other forms of concentrate. Some cartridges have added ingredients or flavors. Oils are also available in edible and topical forms and are great for those who prefer the non-inhalation use of cannabis.

Our Trusted Cannabis Concentrate Brands

At Options Medical Center, we are proud to carry cannabis concentrates from brands that are committed to quality. We currently stock products from the following partners.

  • Craft Concentrates have been creating hand-crafted cannabis concentrates since 2015. We carry wax and shatter from this brand along with high-terpene distillate oil cartridges. Products are distilled from only healthy, high-quality marijuana plants using well-researched extraction methods.
  • Concentrate Supply Co. is becoming a household name thanks to several 2017 wins in the Dope Cup and the Hemp Connoisseur THC Championship. Options from this brand include shatter, budder and crumble with 70 to 90 percent cannabinoid content. We also stock their vape cartridges and live rosin.
  • Indigo Pro Vape Cartridges are extracted with high-quality CO2 oil and available in a range of strains and potency.
  • Nomad Extracts specializes in locally produced wax and shatter.
  • Dabs Labs is newer on our shelves and specializes in small batch, high quality concentrates. For terpenes and taste check out what wax and shatters we have from them on our shelves.

Find the Best Cannabis Concentrates in Colorado at Options Medical Center!

Contact us today or visit the staff at Options Medical Center today to learn more about the various types of cannabis concentrates available at our Wheat Ridge dispensary. Whether you're interested in trying this consumption method for medical or recreational use, we'll be happy to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

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