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CSC Concentrates in Wheat Ridge

Options Medical Center is proud to carry a wide range of concentrates from the award-winning Concentrate Supply Co. CSC’s concentrate technology is rapidly becoming known throughout Colorado recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries as being the new standard in cannabis refinement. CSC concentrates have won several recent awards including:

  • 1st Place Best Oil 2017 Dope Cup: Clementine Artisan Terpene Cartridge
  • Runner-Up Best Overall Live Resin 2017 Dope Cup: Afghan H.A.
  • 1st place Best Rosin 2017 Hemp Connoisseur THC Championship: Kosher Witches Live Rosin
  • Runner Up Best Rosin 2017 Hemp Connoisseur THC Championship: Cookie Dough Live Rosin

Concentrate Supply Company provides Options Medical Center’s Wheat Ridge dispensary with concentrates to suit every taste and price point. Visit us on Wax Wednesday or Shatterday Saturday to experience their products for yourself and enjoy a 20% discount!


CSC produces only the cleanest and most pure concentrates using a variety of extraction methods:

Cured Resin

Shatter, sap, budder, crumble and sugar created from only the finest cured buds in Colorado. Distilled solvent blends are used to capture cannabinoids in their peak state providing a product with a 70-90% cannabinoid concentration.

Live Resin

Sauce, sugar, sap, and fractions extracted from fresh buds using cold solvents to preserve both cannabinoids and terpenes. CSC’s award-winning live resin is known for being both potent and flavorful, with the high terpene content preserving the complex flavors and aromas of the cannabis. This state of the art process results in a concentrate with 80-90% cannabinoid potency.

Trichrome Isolation

CSC has developed a state-of-the-art update to the classic method of producing bubble hash. Ice, water, and agitation are used to separate trichromes from buds, which are then filtered through a series of micron screens. Finally, the glands are freeze dried to eliminate any remaining moisture. The result is a resin of the highest quality with a potency of 70-90% cannabinoids.

Live Rosin

A favorite among the health conscious, live rosin is the closest thing to an organic concentrate. The active resin is extracted using low heat and pressure and filtered to separate any contaminants. What remains is an all-natural, flavorful concentrate containing 70-90% cannabinoids.

Vape Cartridge

Between their patented ceramic technology to the highly refined distillate within, CSC vape cartridges are a work of art and the new standard for cannabis vaping in Colorado. Every drag provides consistent vape and flavor, completely free of PG, VG or any other vape additives. CSC cartridges are available in a wide range of strains and all natural flavors all with a potency of 90-99% purity.

To see our exciting line of Concentrate Supply Company products, check out our menu or stop into Options Medical Center any day of the week.


While CSC concentrates offer unparalleled quality and potency, it's crucial to be aware of potential side effects and consume responsibly. Excessive consumption may lead to adverse reactions, including increased heart rate, paranoia, and impaired coordination. It's imperative to start with small doses, particularly for novice consumers, and gradually adjust intake based on personal tolerance levels. Options Medical Center advocates for responsible cannabis usage to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all patrons.

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