There are countless different strains of cannabis, which is great for people who appreciate the versatility of this plant. Some strains are associated with feelings of deep relaxation, while others are typically considered to be more uplifting. When you’re in the mood to create art, or pursue other creative endeavors, you may find a cerebral strain more appealing. We almost always recommend a sativa strain in those cases.

Best Sativa Strains

Sativas almost always make the best weed strains for creativity. They’re known for inspiring a rush of thoughts, which is extremely helpful for many people who are trying to push the limits of their minds. People from artists to mathematicians have looked to cannabis as a way to remove mental blocks, and pull themselves out of a funk if they’ve been feeling stuck in a creative rut. Here are just a few of our favorite sativa strains for when we want to feel more inspired.

Grapefruit Sour Diesel

Grapefruit Sour Diesel is an invigorating strain and known for its namesake aroma that fills the room. It is a delightful hybrid strain with some of the most pungent scent profiles of any strain. These flowers smell like sweet, freshly cut grapefruit with undertones of fuel.

It’s associated with effects so cerebral that some people describe the experience as being almost dreamlike. It’s been reported to give most adult-use and medical patients a focused mental high. It’s also a common choice for medical patients who have stress, depression, or physical pain, and addressing those things can further help kick off the creative process.

Super Silver Haze

If you haven’t heard of Super Silver Haze yet, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it as soon as you get a chance. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup for three straight years in 1997, 1998, and 1999. It gets its legendary genetics from other world-renowned strains like Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights. The result is a bud that’s associated with uplifting effects and bursts of energy that last for a long time. People often say that they feel just the right level of creativity after Super Silver Haze and that they’re still focused enough to put that creativity to work.

Tangerine Haze

While Tangerine Haze is technically a hybrid strain, it’s very much sativa-dominant and definitely qualifies for this list. It was created in the Netherlands by crossing G13 Haze with NYC Diesel, and fortunately for us, this strain has made its way back to Colorado. The strain got its name because of the delightful citrus scent and aroma, but its effects have played just as big of a role in helping to popularize this strain. People who are looking for a good daytime strain of cannabis often choose Tangerine Haze, and it’s known for producing productive, stimulating, cerebral experiences.

Sativa Edibles

Though you might not find some edibles that are made with certain strains you can definitely find sativa-dominant edibles at your favorite Colorado dispensaries. Since edibles are known for lasting much longer, this is an option if you’re planning to undertake a long creative session. No need to worry about taking breaks from your work or play due to loss of focus or inspiration.

Best Marijuana Strains in Colorado

Here at Options Medical Center, we take great pride in our wide selection of cannabis strains. We work with the best growers in the state of Colorado to ensure that our customers always have access to premium Sativa strains for creativity. With locations in both Wheat Ridge and Boulder, we’re working hard to make a name for ourselves as Colorado’s best dispensary. Come visit us today to find your strain!

Because there are so many different strains of cannabis, this plant allows consumers to experience a wide range of effects depending on the strain they select. Some strains are associated with deep feelings of relaxation, while others are known for creating a more euphoric effect. If you’re always looking for the most euphoric strain, there are a few options that we’d recommend for you. Check the list below if you’re always interested in finding a more euphoric high.

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Blue Headband

Our blue headband is a mostly balanced hybrid that offers up a complex smell of gas, spices, and berries. Customers normally report feeling a cerebral rush from this strain, but it’s also accompanied by a relaxed feeling of calm that extends through the entire body. It’s mellow enough that it doesn’t make most people feel anxious, but it packs enough of a sativa punch that it can inspire bursts of energy and generally uplifted feelings.

White Diesel

White Diesel takes some of the best genetics from White Widow and NYC Diesel, and the result is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has a reputation for promoting euphoric highs. This strain definitely inspires some feelings of physical relaxation, but it’s most known for being associated with cerebral effects. It’s a popular choice for medical patients who have anxiety or depression, which also makes it a good fit for recreational customers who are looking for an uplifting experience. Many of our customers say this is one of their favorite daytime strains because it keeps them feeling both creative and focused.


Triangle is also commonly referred to as The White because it’s coated in such a dense layer of shiny trichomes. This crystal-heavy bud is renowned for creating a balanced high that affects the body and mind just about equally. It doesn’t have an especially strong taste or smell compared to other premium cannabis strains, but it more than makes up for the lack of flavor with its high THC content and euphoric effects.

Tangerine Haze

Tangerine Haze is known for its citrusy aroma as well as for producing happy, uplifted, and euphoric events. People often report that they feel the stress melt away and be replaced with energy not long after the zesty taste has cleared their lips. It’s been getting increasingly popular in Colorado in recent years, and it’s easy to see why because the cerebral effects are so appealing. Since it’s so stimulating, many people like to enjoy this strain during the day and report that they’re still able to achieve everything they want to get done.

Chem Dawg #4

This is one of our favorites from this entire line of premium cannabis strains. Chem Dawg #4 is one of the most relaxing strains on this list, which makes it interesting. It’s an appealing choice for people who are interested in a soothing experience and a euphoric high at the same time. There are some feelings of uplifted creativity, but they generally give way to a contented state. Try this one if you’re looking for an evening session.

Best Cannabis Strains for Euphoria in Colorado

Our budtenders at Options Medical Center look forward to helping you find the right strain for a euphoric high. We work with the best cultivators in Colorado to source our cannabis strains, and we’re very familiar with everything we sell. Stop by to visit us in either Wheat Ridge or Boulder, and we’ll be happy to help you explore all of the options.

Fighting the battle to get a good night’s sleep can be exhausting in more ways than one. If you’re one of the millions of individuals dealing with sleepless nights, you’ve likely spent a considerable amount of time and effort searching for effective remedies to help you relax and sleep. And now, a growing number of consumers have reported that they’ve discovered what they believe is their key to a good night’s sleep: cannabis.

Finding the Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer or new to the world of marijuana, the massive variety of cannabis strains available can easily become overwhelming. When you’re searching for the best cannabis strain for sleep, it’s important to understand that the strain, form, and cannabinoid content can have a major effect on your experience. 

By keeping a few key factors in mind, you can select an option that’s suited to your desired effects and personal preferences. Here is what you need to know about choosing a nighttime cannabis strain that aligns with your unique wants and needs.

THC and CBD may affect your sleep differently

One of the first things you learn as a cannabis consumer is that there are many different strains, and they are generally characterized by their cannabinoid content. THC and CBD are the two cannabinoids you’ll see referenced most frequently, and each one can play a markedly different role in helping you reach your sleep goals. 

Many individuals report that they prefer high-CBD strains for sleep, and a scientific survey found that about two-thirds of participants felt that CBD supported their improved sleep quality. But on the other end of the spectrum, some animal model studies made connections between CBD and increased alertness. 

So, what does this mean? Ultimately, the strain that’s well-matched to your preferences is a completely personal choice. You may consider starting with high-CBD strains, then transitioning to higher-THC options if you don’t feel that your sleeplessness improves. If you aren’t sure where to begin, our budtenders are always happy to help.

Consider edibles as your cannabis form of choice

For individuals hoping to switch up their bedtime routine with the addition of cannabis, edibles are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Most people report that the experience of consuming edibles is different than enjoying other forms of cannabis, including smoking or vaping. 

Recent studies have found that the effects of edibles may last between six and eight hours, and others state that effects generally kick in about 30 to 60 minutes after consumption. When you do the math, it makes sense that so many people say that cannabis edibles are a good match for their journey to better sleep.

Be open to experimenting with various strains

Everyone experiences cannabis differently, and it’s virtually impossible to predict exactly what to expect from a given strain. Your friend’s favorite strain for nighttime might end up being one that you dislike. For this reason, it’s very important that you remain open to trying various strains, using trial and error to determine one that fits your personal preferences. Our budtenders are here to help you weigh your options and land on the strain that’s ideal for you personally.

What are the Best Strains for Sleep?

It’s true that everyone’s idea of the perfect strain for sleep can vary considerably, but there are a handful of options that seem to be recommended more often than others. Here are some of the cannabis strains that our customers report loving for a good night’s sleep:

Star Killer

A popular go-to for people interested in relaxation, Star Killer is one of our customers’ first choice.

GG #4

Also known as Gorilla Glue, GG #4 is reported by many consumers to support pleasant sleepiness. 

Chem Penny

This high-CBD strain is another that we often hear our customers describe as a sleep-friendly fan favorite, and could be one to try if you prefer a CBD-centric experience.

Orange Juice Kush

Although the name of this strain might make you think of breakfast time, it’s actually one that’s commonly enjoyed before bed. Numerous customers have reported that Orange Juice Kush helps them feel calm and relaxed, so it’s understandable that they like it for evening use.

Find Top Strains for Insomnia at Options Cannabis Company

At our cannabis dispensaries in Boulder and Wheat Ridge, Options Cannabis Company offers a wide range of cannabis strains to choose from. Our dispensary menu features a diverse selection of strains, making it easy to shop for one that fulfills your individual goals. Our friendly, experienced budtenders are passionate about supporting customers in their cannabis journeys and are always here to help you choose your best-fit cannabis strains, edibles, or concentrates for sleep.

Browse our Boulder and Wheat Ridge dispensary menus online, or stop by to shop in person.

Many people love cannabis for its ability to help them feel less anxious, but there are also times people feel even more anxiety while on cannabis. How could that be? It’s been one of the most interesting mysteries in cannabis lore, and Canadian researchers have set out to solve it. Their study, published in late 2018, has provided some insights about why some strains are better than others for people with anxiety.

The Neuroscience Behind Cannabis and Anxiety

The team of Canadian neuroscientists took an ambitious step toward explaining why some strains affect us differently than others. To start, they partnered with a single dispensary and surveyed over 400 of their patients about their experiences with different strains. In addition to their surveys, they conducted multiple lab experiments on the different strains to get a closer look at their chemical composition.

Survey participants rated the strains on a scale from one to ten, saying how effective each one was at making them feel less anxious. The researchers compiled all of this data, then compared it to the lab results for the different strains. They were able to identify some patterns involving terpenes found in some of the most and least effective strains.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are some of the organic compounds found in plants (in this case, cannabis). Each is associated with its own flavor, smell, and helps give the plant its specific aroma. To put it simply, you might compare them to the essential oils of a plant. This is relevant to the cannabis industry because of a phenomenon some people call the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a theory that the terpenes in cannabis change the way the body processes THC and CBD. That’s a possible explanation for how two strains with the same levels of THC and CBD can hit people differently. In other words, terpenes may play a key role in how the active ingredients in cannabis make a person feel.

Best Terpenes for Reducing Anxiety

According to the study, strains with high THC levels and lots of the terpene trans-nerolidol were best for addressing anxiety. Some of the best strains also had their roots in a Central Asian kush landrace, giving them high levels of caryophyllene and limonene. Trans-nerolidol is also found in lemongrass, jasmine, and tea tree, so look for strains with fruity, floral aromas.

This study also exposed some trends about which terpenes may not be quite as good for people with anxiety. The study doesn’t prove that these are necessarily the worst terpenes for anxiety, but they might be worth watching for:

How to Find the Best Strain for Anxiety

Though the study mentioned is a great advancement in the right direction for the cannabis community, the scientists themselves caution that more research is necessary. One of the original neuroscientists from this study has said that since everyone is different, people would be best suited to try different strains until they discover which one is best for them.

Best Reported Cannabis Strains for Anxiety in Boulder and Wheat Ridge

We at Options Cannabis Company have a full dispensary menu with diverse flower offerings, and our experienced budtenders have some of the best product knowledge in the industry. Stop in to chat with us about the specific terpene profiles of our different strains and learn more about which ones have been best for our customers with anxiety. In the meantime, you can also contact us online with any questions.

There are three main types of cannabis: Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Sativa and Indica have their own unique properties and effects, and hybrids mix and match portions of both to create combined effects or highlight a specific effect or flavor profile. At Options Medical Center we understand this can be confusing, so we wanted to take a moment to explain each of these varieties.

What is Indica Cannabis?

Commonly associated with “couch lock” or referred to as “In da Couch” indica strains are usually associated with a heavy sedation and relaxation effect. Many consumers enjoy indica as an end of day or nighttime strain due to these properties. This particular cannabis strain may be best enjoyed when you are looking to relax more so than in a social setting.

What is Sativa Cannabis?

Sativa strains are associated with a more uplifting clear headed happy effect vs. the relaxed sedated effects of an indica. The two types are almost exact opposites in the way they affect the consumer. Many consumers enjoy a sativa as more of an all-day productive option to relieve symptoms without the heavy sedation effects of an indica. Sativa is best enjoyed for most consumers in a lively and active environment, especially involving socializing.

What are Hybrid strains?

A hybrid strain can be the best of both worlds and is usually either Sativa or Indica dominant which will give you a good idea of the effects of each particular strain. As mentioned before, the dominance of the cross will determine if the effects are more sedating or uplifting depending on if it is a Sativa or Indica dominant hybrid. A hybrid strain can incorporate things like a high CBD concentration, from one strain and a sedating, relaxing effect from another, providing the benefits of both an Indica and a Sativa.

Get the Best of All 3 Cannabis Types at Options Medical Center Today!

Options Medical Center in Wheat Ridge and Boulder, Colorado carries all three types of cannabis in flower, concentrates, edibles, and more. Our menus make it easy for you to determine which strain you are looking for, and provide more on what to expect. Come in or contact us from our contact page on our website and let us provide you with some of the best medical and recreational cannabis and cannabis products in the state of Colorado!

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