The Spooky Season is right around the corner. Whether you plan to stay home or enjoy a night on the town, finding a good quality flower to spend Halloween with is essential. Witches Weed, a hybrid that falls on the Sativa-dominant side, is an ellaborate concoction of Chemdawg D, Cinderella 99, SFV OG, and OG Kush. A well-known and popular strain around Colorado years ago, the powerful combination of flavor and raw potency have made it a fan-favorite once more.

While the potency of the bright-green flower is enough to whisk you away into the unknown, the robust and sweet flavor profile sets this notable nug apart from the rest. Indulgent and complex, the juicy melon and fruit flavors are almost candy-like in their clarity and depth with strong earthy undertones rounding out the exhale. Said to be a more relaxing strain, Witches Weed has been known to wash away stress and anxiety while diminishing nausea.

An extraction of this, a touch of that, a wave of the dab-wand, and poof! You’re ready to climb onto your broom and ride into the moonlight! The live resin derived from the strain Witches Weed is flavorful and robust, preserving the melon-fruity goodness the flower is known for, while offering an incredibly potent alternative to smoking. For those that prefer not to dab, extracts are the perfect start to some delicious infused butter!

Infusing butter with cannabis is easy and offers terrific versatility to your concentrates. By allowing you to substitute regular butter for infused butter in everyday recipes, you’re able to enjoy the significant effects of your favorite concentrate whenever you wish! If you’re in the mood for a tasty treat this Halloween, consider a few of these handy recipe ideas to get you started.

Creepy Crepes —For traditional crepes with a seasonal twist, add a bit of food coloring to a dollop of infused butter. Add a hint of cinnamon and a dash of sugar for a sweet taste you’re sure to enjoy.

Toasted Treat bars — Thanks to your infused butter, the classic toasted cereal bars you love can become the life of the party once more. Substitute ½ of the required butter with infused butter, add a bag or two of chocolate candy treats and prepare the recipe as directed. Easy as can be!

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