Fighting the battle to get a good night’s sleep can be exhausting in more ways than one. If you’re one of the millions of individuals dealing with sleepless nights, you’ve likely spent a considerable amount of time and effort searching for effective remedies to help you relax and sleep. And now, a growing number of consumers have reported that they’ve discovered what they believe is their key to a good night’s sleep: cannabis.

Finding the Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer or new to the world of marijuana, the massive variety of cannabis strains available can easily become overwhelming. When you’re searching for the best cannabis strain for sleep, it’s important to understand that the strain, form, and cannabinoid content can have a major effect on your experience. 

By keeping a few key factors in mind, you can select an option that’s suited to your desired effects and personal preferences. Here is what you need to know about choosing a nighttime cannabis strain that aligns with your unique wants and needs.

THC and CBD may affect your sleep differently

One of the first things you learn as a cannabis consumer is that there are many different strains, and they are generally characterized by their cannabinoid content. THC and CBD are the two cannabinoids you’ll see referenced most frequently, and each one can play a markedly different role in helping you reach your sleep goals. 

Many individuals report that they prefer high-CBD strains for sleep, and a scientific survey found that about two-thirds of participants felt that CBD supported their improved sleep quality. But on the other end of the spectrum, some animal model studies made connections between CBD and increased alertness. 

So, what does this mean? Ultimately, the strain that’s well-matched to your preferences is a completely personal choice. You may consider starting with high-CBD strains, then transitioning to higher-THC options if you don’t feel that your sleeplessness improves. If you aren’t sure where to begin, our budtenders are always happy to help.

Consider edibles as your cannabis form of choice

For individuals hoping to switch up their bedtime routine with the addition of cannabis, edibles are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Most people report that the experience of consuming edibles is different than enjoying other forms of cannabis, including smoking or vaping. 

Recent studies have found that the effects of edibles may last between six and eight hours, and others state that effects generally kick in about 30 to 60 minutes after consumption. When you do the math, it makes sense that so many people say that cannabis edibles are a good match for their journey to better sleep.

Be open to experimenting with various strains

Everyone experiences cannabis differently, and it’s virtually impossible to predict exactly what to expect from a given strain. Your friend’s favorite strain for nighttime might end up being one that you dislike. For this reason, it’s very important that you remain open to trying various strains, using trial and error to determine one that fits your personal preferences. Our budtenders are here to help you weigh your options and land on the strain that’s ideal for you personally.

What are the Best Strains for Sleep?

It’s true that everyone’s idea of the perfect strain for sleep can vary considerably, but there are a handful of options that seem to be recommended more often than others. Here are some of the cannabis strains that our customers report loving for a good night’s sleep:

Star Killer

A popular go-to for people interested in relaxation, Star Killer is one of our customers’ first choice.

GG #4

Also known as Gorilla Glue, GG #4 is reported by many consumers to support pleasant sleepiness. 

Chem Penny

This high-CBD strain is another that we often hear our customers describe as a sleep-friendly fan favorite, and could be one to try if you prefer a CBD-centric experience.

Orange Juice Kush

Although the name of this strain might make you think of breakfast time, it’s actually one that’s commonly enjoyed before bed. Numerous customers have reported that Orange Juice Kush helps them feel calm and relaxed, so it’s understandable that they like it for evening use.

Find Top Strains for Insomnia at Options Cannabis Company

At our cannabis dispensaries in Boulder and Wheat Ridge, Options Cannabis Company offers a wide range of cannabis strains to choose from. Our dispensary menu features a diverse selection of strains, making it easy to shop for one that fulfills your individual goals. Our friendly, experienced budtenders are passionate about supporting customers in their cannabis journeys and are always here to help you choose your best-fit cannabis strains, edibles, or concentrates for sleep.

Browse our Boulder and Wheat Ridge dispensary menus online, or stop by to shop in person.

Many people love cannabis for its ability to help them feel less anxious, but there are also times people feel even more anxiety while on cannabis. How could that be? It’s been one of the most interesting mysteries in cannabis lore, and Canadian researchers have set out to solve it. Their study, published in late 2018, has provided some insights about why some strains are better than others for people with anxiety.

The Neuroscience Behind Cannabis and Anxiety

The team of Canadian neuroscientists took an ambitious step toward explaining why some strains affect us differently than others. To start, they partnered with a single dispensary and surveyed over 400 of their patients about their experiences with different strains. In addition to their surveys, they conducted multiple lab experiments on the different strains to get a closer look at their chemical composition.

Survey participants rated the strains on a scale from one to ten, saying how effective each one was at making them feel less anxious. The researchers compiled all of this data, then compared it to the lab results for the different strains. They were able to identify some patterns involving terpenes found in some of the most and least effective strains.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are some of the organic compounds found in plants (in this case, cannabis). Each is associated with its own flavor, smell, and helps give the plant its specific aroma. To put it simply, you might compare them to the essential oils of a plant. This is relevant to the cannabis industry because of a phenomenon some people call the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a theory that the terpenes in cannabis change the way the body processes THC and CBD. That’s a possible explanation for how two strains with the same levels of THC and CBD can hit people differently. In other words, terpenes may play a key role in how the active ingredients in cannabis make a person feel.

Best Terpenes for Reducing Anxiety

According to the study, strains with high THC levels and lots of the terpene trans-nerolidol were best for addressing anxiety. Some of the best strains also had their roots in a Central Asian kush landrace, giving them high levels of caryophyllene and limonene. Trans-nerolidol is also found in lemongrass, jasmine, and tea tree, so look for strains with fruity, floral aromas.

This study also exposed some trends about which terpenes may not be quite as good for people with anxiety. The study doesn’t prove that these are necessarily the worst terpenes for anxiety, but they might be worth watching for:

How to Find the Best Strain for Anxiety

Though the study mentioned is a great advancement in the right direction for the cannabis community, the scientists themselves caution that more research is necessary. One of the original neuroscientists from this study has said that since everyone is different, people would be best suited to try different strains until they discover which one is best for them.

Best Reported Cannabis Strains for Anxiety in Boulder and Wheat Ridge

We at Options Cannabis Company have a full dispensary menu with diverse flower offerings, and our experienced budtenders have some of the best product knowledge in the industry. Stop in to chat with us about the specific terpene profiles of our different strains and learn more about which ones have been best for our customers with anxiety. In the meantime, you can also contact us online with any questions.

One of the overlooked advantages of vaping recreational cannabis rather than smoking is the ability to change your “high” based on the amount of heat applied. If you’ve never made any adjustments to your vaporizer’s temperature setting, it’s time for you to start experimenting and finding the sweet spot for the effects you desire. Vaping temperature control is easy once you understand the basic principles behind it.

How It Works

Cannabis contains over 400 unique compounds including cannabinoids (responsible for the medical and euphoric effects) and terpenes (providing unique flavors and potentially providing unique effects. Each of these compounds has a unique boiling point. When the proper temperature is applied, these chemicals sublimate into a gas and can be inhaled, while the inert carbon in the plant does not combust into tar or harmful carcinogens. The specific compounds that are inhaled will affect each person differently.

Vaping Cannabis At Low Temperatures

Low temps between 310 and 330 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended for those who want an emotional pick-me-up while remaining focused, productive and relaxed. You’ll get a good dose of THC, but not an overpowering dose and the low temp terpenes will contribute to a smooth experience.

Vaping At Moderate Temperatures

As heat is increased to the 330 to 370-degree range, more THC is expressed, and you can expect more euphoria, elevated mood, and enhanced sensory awareness. Music will sound sweeter, food will be more satisfying, and you’ll enjoy relaxed activities such as reading, gaming or socializing (this temperature range is ideal for feeling “high” while remaining social.)

Note: A nice bonus to vaping at low to moderate temperatures is that most of the THCA decarboxylate into THC even though it’s not converted into a gas. That means the browned, leftover cannabis is perfectly toasted and ready to be consumed as an edible! Simply sprinkle into your favorite snack when you’re ready for a more intense edible experience.

Marijuana Vaping At High Temperatures

Somewhere between 370 and 430 degrees is where you can expect the most intense effects of your cannabis. Whatever the “normal” effects of your cannabis are, you can expect them to be exaggerated here. Indicas or indica heavy hybrids will give you a full body “stoned” feeling. Sativas will push you to energy levels that seem boundless. And the release of THCA at this temperature will CURB your appetite rather than stimulating it.

Temperatures higher than 430 degrees Fahrenheit are just not efficient and you risk combusting your cannabis – Bitter, harsh smoke is produced and you lose all of the benefits of vaping.

It’s important to remember that vaping temperature control has limitations based on the strain of cannabis you’re using. A sativa will always have stronger energizing effects than an indica regardless of temperature as an indica will always be more sedating. Think of temperature as controlling the intensity of the effects rather than the effects themselves. If you don’t like heavy metal, cranking up the volume on that Metallica song won’t make you enjoy it anymore. You need to begin with music you enjoy before finding the intensity where you enjoy it the most.

Temperature control is more about individual preference than an exact science, but these guidelines should provide you with a foundation to begin experimenting on finding your own sweet spot. If you’re still looking for the “perfect high” with temperature, come in to Options Medical Center and let our staff help you find the strain you’ll prefer and the temperature range you’ll be most comfortable with. Our daily deals give you plenty of opportunity to try something new without beating up your wallet. You can get batteries for 20% off on Tuesdays and vape cartridges 20% off on Wednesdays!

We here at Options Medical Center are constantly asked why the prices of medical flower are different than recreational, even for the same strain. We understand this can be confusing for the average customer, and we are here to help.

Wheat Ridge Rec Menu

Boulder Rec Menu

Flower Pricing

The main difference between recreational and MMJ pricing is due to taxes. In addition to standard state and local taxes that are applied to both medical and recreational cannabis products, there is a 15% Colorado Retail MJ tax is applied to only recreational product. Also, when any recreational product is transferred, whether it be from grow to lab or grow to store, it is taxed at a rate of 15% called an excise tax. This extra cost that is not applied to medical marijuana makes the production cost of recreational flower significantly higher. However, this excise tax is only applied the first time a batch of flower is transferred. The cost per pound that the 15% excise tax is applied to is established by the Marijuana Enforcement Division every six months in a calculated AMR (average market rate). There is an AMR for flower, trim, clones, and even seeds that all recreational companies must pay when moving product. This is a lot of information for the average customer to keep up with, especially because so much of it is ever changing, so we are always here to answer your questions! Check out our prices right on our website for both recreational and medicinal (MMJ) flower.

Low-Dose cannabis use… it’s not all about getting STONED. If you have questions about anything in this post, don’t hesitate to come into our store to speak with a budtender, or contact us.

Low-Dose use, or micro dosing, is defined as consuming low amounts of cannabis to experience the health benefits but to avoid the psychoactive effects.

What are the benefits of low-dose cannabis?

One of the benefits of this approach is that daily activities are not impaired by the psychoactive effects that marijuana can have at higher doses. For example, an individual who suffers from anxiety may benefit from a small dose of THC that takes the edge off, but also allows them to retain cognitive and motor functions for every day activities. In addition, greater amounts of THC may trigger more intense anxiety, but the micro dose provides just the right amount of relief.

The theory behind Low-Dose cannabis use is backed by science! Recent research has led to a better understanding of the body’s cannabinoid system, which scientists have named the ECS. The ECS has a vital role in many aspects of our body’s health, and cannabis can influence this for better or worse. Just like all things, there is always a point where one can have ‘too much of a good thing,’ while that threshold will be different for each individual user, it is important to know.

Some issues individuals have found relief with micro dosing include stress, depression, anxiety, and pain. Some users also claim improved focus and sleep. Because historical limits on cannabis research have prevented studies on these claims, user experiences provide important insight for patients seeking relief. The future of cannabis research as more states legalize does look bright! Clinical research is already showing support for these claims and the demand for more research is driving progress.

If you think micro dosing might help you, stop by and check out our selection! A store favorite is Canyon Cultivation’s Chew IT gummies. These gummies come in 2.5mg doses and taste great! Other options include Incredibles’ Red Licorice gummies (5mg pieces) and Canyon Cultivation’s Suck ITs hard candies (2.5mg pieces). Our selection of drinks and tinctures are also great for micro dosing. While there are not many brands offering micro dosed products at this time, the trend is spreading and we anticipate seeing a lot more of this in the future as users realize the benefits.

We here at Options Medical Center are committed to offering a wide range of products to suit our customers’ needs. Take a look at our menu, check out our Daily Deals page, or take a moment to learn about our innovative growing system. Come in today to experience some of the best cannabis and cannabis-infused products in Wheat Ridge, with some of the best daily dispensary deals in Wheat Ridge and beyond!

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What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a newer concept in the cannabis world that most medical and recreational consumers have probably never heard of. So, what exactly is it?

Essentially, microdosing is consuming as little cannabis as possible, in order to gain the highest level of benefits while avoiding the side effects that can impact your functionality for day-to-day life.

Instead of smoking like a character out of Pineapple Express, consumers smoke small doses, usually 2.5 to 10 mg, allowing for relaxation of the mind, pain relief, and other benefits, without the paranoia, lethargy, and other side effects sometimes associated with cannabis use.

Edibles and Tinctures

Microdosing is easiest when ingesting edibles as opposed to traditional styles of smoking marijuana. This is mainly because with traditional smoking styles it is difficult to control the THC content, as a single hit could contain more than the intended microdose.

Recreational edibles are required by Colorado law to be packaged in servings of 10mg or smaller, each piece with its own THC logo. Customers can then cut their edibles up into smaller pieces as desired to get intended effects and a better understanding of their tolerance. Here at Options we also carry Canyon Cultivation microdosed gummies that are 100mg of gummy edibles with 2.5mg serving sizes. They are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid flavors.

Another ideal way to microdose cannabis is through a tincture, as tinctures are required to specify the milligram dosage of their dropper filled at capacity. We carry multiple flavors of Dixie Dew Drop Tinctures that are available in 3mg servings.


Not as exact as ingesting edibles or tinctures that clearly have to mark their serving sizes, vape pens are another good option for consumers who are looking for a discreet way to smoke and consume cannabis without getting an intense high that flower or other concentrates can provide.

At Options Medical Center we have various vape pens by Craft, Concentrate Supply Co., and Indigo Pro. Each brand comes in a .5g cartomizer and will last the average marijuana smoker 100+ hits, giving consumers ample opportunity to find their ideal dosage to achieve an optimal high. However, the number of hits you can get out of each cart depends on several variables, most importantly being how long the user draws. Stop by our store to see all the choices available!

Ideal Dosage

In order to find your ideal dosage, it is recommended that you not use marijuana for 24 hours in order to “reset” your body. We would recommend starting at 2.5-5mg, slowly increasing your dosage in those same increments until your desired effects are reached. You should consider how you are consuming the THC when timing out your additional doses. For example, edibles can take up to two hours to activate.

You should stay at the dosage that gives you the positive benefits you are looking for, without the side effects that can impair your daily life.

Once you’ve found your ideal dosage, you will be able to enjoy your recreational or medical marijuana with the smallest possible noticeable effect. For example, this means anxiety relief without crossing the line into paranoia, or pain relief with a clear mind.

The idea of microdosing cannabis is in clear contrast to the traditional stereotype of marijuana usage. The truth is, as the United States grows more progressive regarding marijuana usage for both medical and recreational purposes, more people will want to use it for various reasons, and not all of them want to get stoned in order to experience the benefits that cannabis can provide.

Options Medical Center

For more information, stop by our store and talk to our incredible staff. And remember, keep Colorado safe, if you dab, take a cab.

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