Buy the Best Gift For The Cannabis Consumer in Your Life This Holiday Season

December 7, 2021 Posted by biana.gonzalez
Buy the Best Gift For The Cannabis Consumer in Your Life This Holiday Season

Make sure you help everyone on your list have a very merry holiday season with these great gifts that will surely elevate their mood. There are more options than ever to show the cannabis connoisseur in your life how much they’ve meant to you this year. Tis’ the season to celebrate self-care, unwind with pre-rolls or gummies, step up their accessory game, and maybe get yourself a seasonal treat as well.


Keep it classic this season with our vast selection of pre-rolled joints. These quick gifts make great stocking stuffers. Our pre-rolls are filled with our artisanal cannabis, grown locally at our state-of-the-art grow facilities. We have everyone on your list covered, with pre-rolls available featuring Indica dominant, Sativa Dominant, Hybrid, and CBD / THC blends. Wrap up your holiday shopping with quality pre-rolled joints. These are the perfect gift for your classic smoker and are more thoughtful and convenient than a plain eighth (though we’re sure they wouldn’t mind that either).


Move over gingerbread, give them the treat they have really been wishing for this season. Options Medical Center has a wide selection of edibles. We recommend our THC bars that will satisfy their sweet tooth. With high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors, from Maple & Pecan to Cookies and Cream, these bars make perfectly delicious holiday treats. With variable THC content, there’s a perfect gift for anyone on your list.


If you’re gifting for a cannabis connoisseur, there’s nothing they’ll appreciate more than a highly potent concentrate. Crafted from only the highest quality bud, concentrates deliver a powerful, enhanced experience. If someone on your list has been raving about cannabis concentrates or is eager to try them out, the holiday season is the perfect time to give them something a little special. Options Medical Center offers Live Resin, Badder, Shatter, Wax, and Sap derived from a variety of strains. Pro tip: We offer Tokin Tuesdays and Shatter Saturdays where you can find weekly deals on our concentrates. Now that will surely serve up the holiday spirit.


If someone on your list is in the market for a new mod, or maybe they’re looking to customize their concentrate experience, make sure they’re ready to go this holiday season with a new vape. A vape provides a versatile, discrete experience. Many vapes are compatible with both flower and concentrate, making it easier than ever to melt away the season’s stress while on the move between jam-packed holiday parties.

Full-Spectrum Distillate

Want to show someone you really care about this holiday season? Hook them up with full-spectrum distillate. Distillates are the next level of concentrates and the experience is top of the line. Touted for what they call the Entourage Effect, distillates recruit all three of the essential chemical compounds cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Working synergistically, this trio delivers a powerful, flavorful, heightened cannabis experience. Options Medical Center offers full-spectrum distillate created from our own premium flower. Impress even the choosiest of connoisseurs on your list with a finely crafted, artisanal distillate.


If you’re shopping for a wellness guru, look no further than cannabis topicals. Topicals, if you’re unfamiliar, are a range of applicable products derived from the cannabis plant. Typically containing cannabinoids - either THC, CBD, or some combination of the two - topicals are an amazing way to reap the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without ingestion.

If you know someone who loves the spa, give them the gift of luxury right at their fingertips. Topicals are great for your skin, ultra-hydrating, and work as potent antioxidants protecting the skin from free radicals.

If you’re shopping for an athlete or maybe for your best friend who just loves training for marathons, grab some soothing topicals. They’ll be thanking you all year long for the gift of reduced muscle soreness that will keep them relaxed and ready to party this holiday season.


You can find a little something for everyone on your list with a range of cannabis accessories, and you can even get creative and make some custom gift packages! Keep reading for some of our suggestions.

New Torch

It’s practical and it’s powerful, a new torch is a great way to really fuel the holiday spirit. Keep the dabs going all season with our selection of reliable torches.

Fun Glass or A New Pipe

Kick it old school and pick up a new small pipe or fun piece of glass for your friends this season. These pieces make great stocking stuffers and are convenient tokens of your appreciation.

Grinder, Flower, and Flavored Hemp Papers

What do you always need? A good grinder. Make it a little bundle with some of our fresh homegrown flower and throw in some flavored papers as a fun touch. Roll up to the holidays with this thoughtful combination to show someone how much you care.

Wrap it Up! Give the Gift of Cannabis to Really Spark Some Joy This Holiday Season

Don’t stress your shopping this year because Options Medical Center has everything you need to keep your spirits bright. From Wheatridge to Boulder, our staff will help you spread that holiday cheer across Colorado. Stop into our Medical or Recreational dispensaries today, give us a call, or browse our inventory online and get your shopping done in a few clicks.

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