10 Best Gifts for Your Stoner Friend

December 10, 2020 Posted by optionsco
10 Best Gifts for Your Stoner Friend

Updated March 2022

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, it’s a blast to shop for your fellow cannabis lovers. There are so many gift options, though, that it can feel overwhelming when it comes time to choose something. This decision is especially difficult if you don’t partake yourself, since you may not be familiar with all of the products. Whether you’re shopping for a big holiday, a birthday, or just because here are some of the best cannabis gifts right now.

1 – Evergreen Storage Solutions – $15

Storing cannabis is absolutely critical as far as keeping it fresh and flavorful. Most marijuana enthusiasts have a system for storing their flower, but few solutions are as thoughtful as the one offered by Evergreen. Evergreen humidification pods are attractive, functional, and easy to use. This product will help your loved one keep their herbs fresh and organized, especially since it’s easy to label these jars with strain information every time you add different flower.

You can visit Evergreen’s website to browse their entire lineup of products. Choose a single storage solution, a variety pack, and other merchandise depending on your budget and who you’re shopping for. You can even get a gift card if you’re not exactly sure which storage solution would be best. A single jar is $15, and there are plenty of other options to browse as well.

2 – Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder – $55

There’s a good chance that the cannabis enthusiast in your life already has a grinder, but they probably don’t have one like this. This top of the line grinder from Kannastor is attractive, durable, and capable. It has removable screens and two interchangeable graters, which allows you to pick the coarseness of your grind. This is ideal for the sophisticated smoker who is always trying to match the grind to the smoking method.

This grinder is made out of hardened aluminum, which means it will last for a long time. This gift will be appreciated because it’s so flexible. The weed lover in your life will appreciate the large size and storage options around the home. If they want to take this grinder on the go, they can always adjust it down to a more portable size. This might be the most practical grinder ever made, and you can buy it on Amazon.

3 – OTTO Electric Smart Grinder – $150

There are all kinds of affordable grinders out there, but this may be the most luxurious. It’s more expensive than the Kannastor mentioned above and doesn’t have all the same features, but it does have one thing that makes it unique. This smart grinder automatically senses the material to determine which type of grind is most appropriate. 

The recipient of this gift can enjoy ground cannabis at the push of a button, and that isn’t where the fun ends. If they like to smoke cones, this grinder can automatically funnel the ground material into a pre-rolled cone. Cannabis enthusiasts will be blown away as they watch the material get filled directly into a waiting paper. You can buy it here.

4 – Silverthorn Smell-Proof Case – $69

This smell-proof case from Stashlogix will help the cannabis lover in your life keep their stash discreet. This bag includes a special lining that traps odors to help maintain some privacy. Something like this is a must-have item for anyone who worries about stinking up their closet, drawer, or car.

This carrier includes an integrated three-digit lock to keep unwanted eyes and hands out of the bag. The inside contains adjustable pads to keep everything safe and secure, too. There’s even a poking tool included. If the price tag of $69 is a little bit high for your budget, you can save some money by choosing a smaller version of the bag.

5 – TokBud Multi-Tool – $24

Buy the TokBud for a cannabis enthusiast who likes to live life on the go. It comes with eight different tools to cover all of the basics, from cleaning a pipe to preparing materials for an impromptu smoke session. This handy tool includes a poker, a press, and a scraper. There’s a holder for screens, a spool for a wick, and even a slot for a mini BIC lighter. There’s even a small grinder and a storage tray so you can prepare material on the go without spilling it or lugging a larger grinder around. 

6 – Glass Pipes – Price Varies

Often deemed one of the best ways to consume cannabis, glass pipes come in all shapes and sizes. At Options there is a wide variety of glass available, from smaller one-hit chillums to more ornate and colorful pieces. Average pricing can range from $6 for a more practical glass piece with a smaller bowl size to $30 for a vibrant decorative piece. Larger glass pipes are more ideal for sharing with others, but smaller ones are perfect for smoking alone. When purchasing, consider factors like durability, ease of use, and how difficult it will be to clean.

7 – Grunge Off Glass Pipe Cleaner – $18

If the cannabis lover in your life already has plenty of glass pipes, they probably need a way to keep their collection clean. That’s where Grunge Off Super Soaker comes into play. This product uses an exclusive cleaning formula to get glass pipes sparkling clean. Clean pipes don’t just look better; they also make for tastier smoking experiences. Order some from Amazon.

8 – Lynx Eden – $99

The Lynx Eden may be the best dry herb vaporizer for under $100. This versatile device is small enough to go just about anywhere, and it’s incredibly easy to operate. It even comes with lava plates, which allows the cannabis enthusiast to add concentrates to their flower if they so desire. Choose from a variety of colors depending on the recipient’s style, then buy one from the Lynx website. 

9 – Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer – $699

This is the most expensive item on the list, but it’s a premium option when you have a large budget. The Volcano tabletop vaporizer is largely considered to be the best in the business. This hybrid can be enjoyed in two ways: 

  • Connect the hose to inhale vaporized cannabis directly from the device.
  • Attach a bag to fill a balloon with vapor and pass it around the room.

These devices heat quickly and precisely. For cannabis connoisseurs who want to bring the best out of their flower, this is one of the most state of the art ways to optimize the experience. Buy one from Storz & Bickel.

10 – Cannabis Products – Price Varies

When shopping for an avid cannabis lover, sometimes the best option is cannabis itself. For those with lower tolerances, a microdose edible such as the Sums sublinguals are sure to get them high with ease. When shopping for someone who needs a higher dosage of milligrams, the Coda chocolate bars are sure to provide an excellent experience full of gourmet flavors. If edibles aren't their thing, you could always try some high-quality concentrates processed by Green Dot Labs or Colorado Supply Company. Bubble Blunts and Bubble Joints from The Flower Collective are a local favorite that are sure to elevate your loved one to a brand new height. There is a product out there for every tolerance level- the budtenders at Options are always happy to walk customers through them.

Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Colorado

Here at Options Medical Center, we’re committed to offering premium products at fair prices as we serve cannabis lovers in Colorado. We serve medical patients and recreational cannabis consumers in Wheat Ridge, and we also have a recreational dispensary in Boulder. Browse our dispensary menus to find a wide variety of appealing gifts for the cannabis lover in your life.

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